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Although hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the best way to go when deciding how to have your cleaning done, it doesn’t come without preparation on your part. You want the job done quickly and efficiently, and there’s a few things you need to do to achieve this. Here we’ll go over some tips to make your experience a positive one.CoupleWithBoxerDogsOnCouch-300x200

As unfortunate of a fact as it may be, theft is a concern you should take into account. These aren’t personal friends of yours and it’s always a risk that something could go missing or get broken if you leave it out. Small expensive items such as jewelry, portable electronics, decorations and baubles should be put away ahead of time in a secure location. Even placing these items in a drawer temporarily reduces the chance of problems. It’s a small thing and no matter how much you trust the company, a step you should take.

It’s probably best to have your pets cared for by someone else during the cleaning. Not only can the loud noises scare them, but having open doors is always a problem for indoor pets that you don’t want to be outside on their own. Additionally curious pets create a tripping hazard to technicians which will either cause injury to them or the pets, or will extend the cleaning time having to avoid the pets.

If you have nice wood on your baseboards or stair edges, you can find products to temporarily protect them from the machinery involved in carpet cleaning. If you can’t find these items, the next best choice is masking tape which will still prevent marking.

Finally, it goes without saying that you should have your furniture moved out of the way of the carpet, and pick up everything from the floor to avoid accidents. Professional carpet cleaning is a solid choice to get the job done right but you as the consumer need to prepare for it.

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Does Scotchgard Really Protect Against Stains On Carpets?

If you have ever heard about Scotchgard, you should know that it is used on furniture and carpets worldwide. Although there was some controversy years ago about the formula being dangerous for people’s health, the formula has since been revamped and is used as much as it once was. Scotchgard is a chemical that is sprayed on top of carpet fibers, and over upholstery, acting as a barrier from spills such as water, soda, or any other type of liquid. It can resist stains that are the result of food that has been spilled, dirt that is tracked in, and even grease. Here are the reasons that you should always have Scotchgard on your carpet and upholstery, and how you can use a professional to make sure that it is properly applied.
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One thing that you will get in you use a professional upholstery or carpet cleaner is a company that will understand that Scotchgard can come off. If you clean your carpet too much, if you use the wrong chemicals, or if the machine that you are using is too strong, you could end up with the carpet that no longer have Scotchgard and it will have to be replaced. Professionals will know if it is still there, and will also be able to reapply it if necessary. However, you have to find the right company that can do proper cleanings to preserve Scotchgard, and also put it back on, or put it on if it has never been there, using their professional skills.

Finding The Right Carpet And Upholstery Cleaners

To find the best cleaners for this type of situation, you need to go further than your phonebook. People that are operating in your company, those that specialize in upholstery and carpet cleaning, will know exactly what to do. They will have the equipment and chemical solutions that will not be too harsh on your carpet fibers or any upholstery that you have. They can also reapply Scotchgard necessary, helping to preserve your carpet, protecting it from stains and spills that are going to happen.

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Keeping your carpets clean is very important, not only does it provide a much nicer appearance, but also for health reason too. It is not wise to let your carpets go without being cleaned for more than 6 months at a time. In fact, ideally you should get them cleaned professionally every 6-12 months. Keep reading for good tips on why it is important to have them cleaned by a professional at least once or twice a year.

With carpets receiving a lot of dirt and grime, it can be difficult to get up all that stuff with just an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Often times we cannot see what lurks beneath the top layer of our carpets, so you need a professional carpet cleaner to come in and suck all of that up.

A huge benefit to hiring someone to clean your carpets is that they will use more powerful equipment. In addition to the dirt and grime that settles at the bottom of the carpet you also have pet dander to contend with. A good professional grade vacuum can leave not a trace of dirt once its through going over the carpet.

For health reasons it is important to clean the carpets regularly. After awhile the carpet fibers become inundated with all sorts of allergens that can pose serious health risks. Moisture that gets into the carpet can cause mold and mildew which is why a professional carpet cleaner is recommended. A powerful carpet vacuum can suck up any excess moisture which can prevent harmful mold growth.

You may also think about using a carpet protector to help prevent it from getting target. A good carpet protector prevents dirt from settling into the fibers. A protective barrier will form, so ask you carpet cleaning professional to apply that.

Keep these tips in mind when thinking about hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Learning How Dirt Affects Carpet Fibers

Carpets really act like filters in our homes for dirt. Most of the time we concentrate on what is on the surface of our carpets, but the real culprits are down deep. Carpets house dirt, grit, small hairs, animal dander, dust, dust mites, and all kinds of debris.
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We can vacuum our carpet, which we should do once or twice a week, but it doesn’t get everything. Dirt will wear down the carpet fibers when we walk across the carpet. It acts like a grinder on the fibers and it will wear them out. So the more often we do vacuum, the better our carpet will wear, and the longer it will last.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, our carpets also retains lots of indoor air pollutants too, such as cockroach allergens, pet dander, lead, particle pollution. Toxic gasses can adhere to some of these particles, and should be vacuumed up regularly.

It is also a good idea to have a professional carpet cleaning company come into your home on a periodic basis and steam clean your carpets. This will not only get rid of much of the allergens, but it will sterilize your carpet and kill all the mold and bacteria that builds up over time.

Just think of all the crazy things that we bring in from the outside, that sticks and stays in our carpets. Anything that we walk in ends up in our carpeting, so all of that adds up over time.

If you have toddlers or small children, you will want to pay particular attention to keeping your carpets extra clean. Babies put everything into their mouths, and that includes their toys which are left on the carpet.

Studies have shown that periodically cleaning your carpets will add to a healthy lifestyle just by keeping harmful elements at bay that accumulate and grow in our carpets.

Red Wine Stains

Spilling red wine on the carpet is very stressful and it almost seems impossible to get out. Two things you need to stay away from doing is one don’t put bleach on it and two do not scrub it at all.  Scrubbing it will rub it in more and make matters worse.  Putting bleach on it will be ineffective because it will actually eat your carpet.  WineSpill-300x200

First you want to start blotting up as much as possible.  Use a paper towel or a white rag to do this.  Then you can put salt on it and this will bring up more of the stain.  Keep blotting…

Club Soda is another good thing to help bring anything up and out.  Put a little on and blot some more.  The key thing is blotting and you may not get out the entire stain to be honest.  Stains come out the best when you catch them immediately, however if you wait too long it can set in.  You can always call us for a carpet cleaning and point out the trouble spots and with that you will get out any left over stains in the home.  Good luck!  And call us for a free estimate when you’d like to get a cleaning.

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For the best carpet cleaning, you should always choose your local Family owned and operated company.    We have core values of honesty, integrity and reliability.  We’ve been cleaning carpets for the last 17 years so we know the equipment, the carpet, and the best ways to rid you of those stains.


Carpet Cleaning Orange County has an excellent reputation in Orange County for our customer service. We have the best equipment and team in our industry!

“5 Star performance and customer service from Bill and Pacific Ocean Carpet Care.  We hadn’t had our carpets cleaned for 3 years and with kids and pets, we were in great need.  We also had them clean our couch.  They are such hard workers and didn’t miss a spot! It looks like we have brand new carpet on our stairs and our couch looks new as well.  You can tell they enjoy their job as well.  I would trust them completely and recommend highly to anyone!” Read More ON Yelp!

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We’ve been in the business for 17 yrs so we are a knowledgeable well run ship.   We know carpets, stains, and techniques like the back of our hand.  We deodorization, do pet treatments on carpet and fiber protection on carpets as well.  We use a Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) system and it works!  We are always impressed with what our machine can do to dirty carpets!  You’d be amazed at how much hair we can get our of homes that have pets.HappyFamily2

Yes, you may vacuum on a regular basis but vacuum never sucks up the deep cleaning that carpets need occasionally.  We are very conscience about our environment and we use green sealed approved cleaning agents.  We are aware that folks have issues with cleaning agents so we like to use ones that are not as harmful to the lungs.  We have a rapid dry process so carpets dry by the time we leave.  We hate the old ways of leaving homes with hours upon hours of wet floors where you have to tip toe around on.  Our technicians are clean cut and very professional.  We do not want you feeling uncomfortable in your home.  Our technicians have lots of experience and are trained by the very best.

We are a company that thrives on doing a professional job and our reviews prove it!

“THE BEST! I wouldn’t consider using anyone else! Do not think twice about inviting these wonderfully professional people into your home. Great results, outstanding customer service! We needed help & they were there for us. The party was a tremendous success in no small part due to this caring family business. Call them & you won’t be sorry.” – Tim Bishop, Aliso Viejo

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3 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner
Having carpets in the home is a wonderful decision.  They filter the dirt being tracked into the house and they keep the home warm.  Unfortunately, carpets need regular cleaning.

Experts recommend that homeowners vacuum their carpets once every couple of days.  As people lead busy lives, this is very difficult to do.  A more realistic solution is to vacuum once or twice a week and get a professional clean at least once a year.

Some homeowners will be wondering why they should get their carpets professionally cleaned.  Listed below are three benefits of carpet cleaning that will answer this question.

–  Vacuuming does not get rid of all the dirt in a carpet.  It simply sucks up as much of it can from the surface.  A steam clean will remove all the dirt leaving carpets looking better than new.

–  Professionals have access to machines that regular people do not own.

–  Cleaners can use high strength cleaning products that are not available in grocery stores.  These products do a better job in a shorter amount of time.

Why is Getting a Professional Clean Important?

If carpets are left dirty, they will no longer absorb dirt.  This dirt will then float into the air and create an unhealthy living space.  Poor air quality can contribute to health problems such as allergies and asthma.

Regular cleanings can also extend the life of the carpet.  As carpets can cost thousands of dollars to replace, this is very important.

Consumers can get their carpets cleaned by contacting a cleaning company and getting a quote.  If the quote is reasonable, the cleaner can come over and do the job.  Generally speaking, it should not take more than a few hours to clean a large home’s carpets and furniture.

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Furniture in Laguna Beach is something that almost everyone has in their home. Furniture is used as something to sit on, store things, and to decorate with. Many furnishings in homes have upholstery, or fabric covering. This fabric can get quite dirty over time. For this reason, you may choose to have your upholstery cleaned by a professional. What makes a professional upholstery cleaning service better than cleaning your furniture yourself?

First of all, professional upholstery cleaners have the knowledge needed to properly and thoroughly clean your pieces. Furniture is made out of many different kinds of fabrics. It is important that whatever is used to clean the fabric is safe for it, won’t stain it, and will get the job done. A professional like Orange County Carpet Cleaning will know exactly what to use on each individual piece. Also, his knowledge will allow him to use the best cleaner or cleaners to most effectively clean your upholstered items. Carpet Cleaning Companies Orange County CA

Another reason you should consider a professional upholstery cleaner is because their tools are much more effective than anything you may have or can purchase. While there are items that an everyday cleaner can use every now and then, the items used by a professional are much more effective. They are stronger and more capable of cleaning the items that need to be cleaned.

As you can see, choosing a professional to clean your upholstery is a great option. There are times when cleaning it yourself will work, but if you have heavily soiled or items that smell, a professional is your best choice. They have the knowledge, the cleaners, and the proper tools to clean any piece of upholstery you might have in your home. When you aren’t sure or can’t properly clean your furnishings, hire a professional to do it for you.


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Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Capistrano Beach CA?

Many people enjoy having a nice, clean carpet in Capistrano Beach , CA. Unfortunately, carpets are easily soiled and not always easy to keep clean. For this reason, many people vacuum and do other things to their carpets to keep them as clean as possible. While this is good to do on a regular basis, it is also good to have a professional carpet cleaner like Orange County Carpet Cleaning to come and clean your carpets, too.

Professional carpet cleaners in Capistrano Beach can get your carpets cleaner than you ever imagined. While there are many different options for cleaners that promise to clean carpets, nothing can get them as clean as a professional.

Are you asking yourself why? Well, the reason for this is that professional carpet cleaners have products and tools that are not available to the public. The reason these are not available is because they are either too expensive, or it is illegal to sell them to someone without a license. These tools and products allow professionals to come in and clean your carpets to a brand new state or pretty close to it. CarpetCleaning-300x199

Yes, you can purchase solutions sold to make your carpet clean, these generally do not work near as good as a professional’s products. You can also purchase cleaning machines of just about every size to clean your carpet yourself. Just like the cleaning products, these do not do a job as good as the items used by professional carpet cleaners. Their products are able to pick up more dirt and dust and get your carpet looking amazing.

Not only to professional carpet cleaners have the tools available to them, but they also have the knowledge needed to get your carpet in great shape. They have likely cleaned many, many carpets and they will know the best way, or the best product needed to clean your carpet.

When looking to have an immaculate carpet, your best bet is to hire a professional.

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