Carpet Cleaning Services In Mission Viejo, CA

Although hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the best way to go when deciding how to have your cleaning done, it doesn’t come without preparation on your part. You want the job done quickly and efficiently, and there’s a few things you need to do to achieve this. Here we’ll go over some tips […] Read more »

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Laguna Woods CA

Does Scotchgard Really Protect Against Stains On Carpets? If you have ever heard about Scotchgard, you should know that it is used on furniture and carpets worldwide. Although there was some controversy years ago about the formula being dangerous for people’s health, the formula has since been revamped and is used as much as it […] Read more »

San Clemente CA Professionally Cleaned Carpets

Keeping your carpets clean is very important, not only does it provide a much nicer appearance, but also for health reason too. It is not wise to let your carpets go without being cleaned for more than 6 months at a time. In fact, ideally you should get them cleaned professionally every 6-12 months. Keep […] Read more »

Learning How Dirt Affects Carpet Fibers

Carpet Cleaning Companies Orange County CA

Carpets really act like filters in our homes for dirt. Most of the time we concentrate on what is on the surface of our carpets, but the real culprits are down deep. Carpets house dirt, grit, small hairs, animal dander, dust, dust mites, and all kinds of debris. We can vacuum our carpet, which we […] Read more »

Red Wine Stains

Spilling red wine on the carpet is very stressful and it almost seems impossible to get out. Two things you need to stay away from doing is one don’t put bleach on it and two do not scrub it at all.  Scrubbing it will rub it in more and make matters worse.  Putting bleach on […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Benefits In Ladera Ranch

  Carpet Cleaning Ladera Ranch For the best carpet cleaning, you should always choose your local Family owned and operated company.    We have core values of honesty, integrity and reliability.  We’ve been cleaning carpets for the last 17 years so we know the equipment, the carpet, and the best ways to rid you of […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Advice In Dove Canyon

We’ve been in the business for 17 yrs so we are a knowledgeable well run ship.   We know carpets, stains, and techniques like the back of our hand.  We deodorization, do pet treatments on carpet and fiber protection on carpets as well.  We use a Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) system and it works!  We […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning in Irvine, CA

3 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner Having carpets in the home is a wonderful decision.  They filter the dirt being tracked into the house and they keep the home warm.  Unfortunately, carpets need regular cleaning. Experts recommend that homeowners vacuum their carpets once every couple of days.  As people lead busy lives, this […] Read more »

Upholstery Cleaners in Laguna Beach

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Furniture in Laguna Beach is something that almost everyone has in their home. Furniture is used as something to sit on, store things, and to decorate with. Many furnishings in homes have upholstery, or fabric covering. This fabric can get quite dirty over time. For this reason, you may choose to have your upholstery cleaned by […] Read more »