Expert Tile Cleaning in Orange County

Tile is a popular floor surface, especially in the Orange County area, where homes are cool and stylish. For tile cleaning, Orange County residents should look beyond their buckets and scrub brushes to a professional provider. Cleaning tile and grout can be difficult because these delicate surfaces are easily damaged. Equipment and cleaning products determine […] Read more »

The importance of keeping a clean healthy carpet.

  Carpets are the integral part of any modern home and office featuring lovely interior and comfortable décor. Floor carpets are available in amazing colors, designs and quality to suit the need of all modern home owners. However keeping the carpets clean and free from germs and bacteria is extremely important. It helps to retain […] Read more »

Green carpet cleaning?

  Is there such a thing and who really provides a true green carpet cleaning? We are asked this question all the time and the answer is emphatically yes! There are wonderful pretreatments now available to us professionals that actually work really well on light to moderately soiled carpets. This is a great reason to […] Read more »

Orange County Green Carpet Cleaning

When looking for a Green Carpet Cleaner in Orange County, look no further. We are a small family owned and operated company who has been environmentally aware before all the Green Cleaning really came to the forefront. What we mean by this is we have always disposed of our recovered water properly in accordance with […] Read more »