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Orange County Green Carpet Cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning Orange CountyWhen looking for a Green Carpet Cleaner in Orange County, look no further. We are a small family owned and operated company who has been environmentally aware before all the Green Cleaning really came to the forefront. What we mean by this is we have always disposed of our recovered water properly in accordance with the E.P.A. guidelines. We use an automatic pump out system that allows us to run a hose to a toilet or a washer overflow line so the dirty recovered water is treated at a treatment plant. We never dump our waste water in storm drains, which is very common with a lot of companies. We have always used the safest products available and now have the safest product made for your home and the environment. We have products that are soap free, odor free, voc free etc… meeting the stringent standards of the E.P.A./DFE requirements. You see, we work with these everyday and no more than you would want harsh chemicals in your home, we do not want to be exposed everyday ourselves. Your Family and pets are safe with us! I myself am an outdoor enthusiast and a nature lover, as well as a Father and a pet lover. You see, I am really interested in protecting and providing a safe and clean living environment for people, animals, and our planet. I am a avid surfer and snowboarder, so I can really appreciate keeping this wonderful world of ours clean and healthy.  Owner, Bill Vivers

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