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Green carpet cleaning?

Green Carpet Cleaning mission viejo


Is there such a thing and who really provides a true green carpet cleaning? We are asked this question all the time and the answer is emphatically yes! There are wonderful pretreatments now available to us professionals that actually work really well on light to moderately soiled carpets. This is a great reason to maintain your carpets and have them cleaned regularly so they don’t become badly soiled where these green cleaners do tend to lag a little behind the more traditional cleaners. We at carpet cleaning mission viejo do what is known as a fresh hot water rinse so as to leave no signs of any cleaners in the carpet at all. There are also completely green stain shield that work great and are wise to use to prevent wear and permanent staining to your wonderful carpets once they are as you can see there are many great green carpet cleaning products available to us professional to safely and effectively clean your carpets.

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