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Learning How Dirt Affects Carpet Fibers

Carpets really act like filters in our homes for dirt. Most of the time we concentrate on what is on the surface of our carpets, but the real culprits are down deep. Carpets house dirt, grit, small hairs, animal dander, dust, dust mites, and all kinds of debris.
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We can vacuum our carpet, which we should do once or twice a week, but it doesn’t get everything. Dirt will wear down the carpet fibers when we walk across the carpet. It acts like a grinder on the fibers and it will wear them out. So the more often we do vacuum, the better our carpet will wear, and the longer it will last.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, our carpets also retains lots of indoor air pollutants too, such as cockroach allergens, pet dander, lead, particle pollution. Toxic gasses can adhere to some of these particles, and should be vacuumed up regularly.

It is also a good idea to have a professional carpet cleaning company come into your home on a periodic basis and steam clean your carpets. This will not only get rid of much of the allergens, but it will sterilize your carpet and kill all the mold and bacteria that builds up over time.

Just think of all the crazy things that we bring in from the outside, that sticks and stays in our carpets. Anything that we walk in ends up in our carpeting, so all of that adds up over time.

If you have toddlers or small children, you will want to pay particular attention to keeping your carpets extra clean. Babies put everything into their mouths, and that includes their toys which are left on the carpet.

Studies have shown that periodically cleaning your carpets will add to a healthy lifestyle just by keeping harmful elements at bay that accumulate and grow in our carpets.

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