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Method To Remove Red Wine From Your Carpet

One of the most horrifying experiences is to have a glass of red wine slip out of your hand and onto your white carpet. Never fear, the solution is at hand. The first thing to do as quickly as possible is to take a clean cloth and dab the stain while it is still wet to get the excess wine out of the carpet.  Perform a blotting motion, don’t rub it, but let the liquid blot into the cloth.

Next, you can try using a good carpet shampoo, or a quality stain remover just as you would on a piece of clothing and see how that works.

Or you can try any of these tried and true solutions to get the wine out of the carpet. Try spraying hydrogen peroxide onto the stain. You can use any type of spray bottle, but spraying gets it on evenly without rubbing. Once you have done that, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda onto the area. Let the concoction sit for two to three minutes, then rinse with clear water.
Believe it or not, if you spill red wine onto the carpet, try pouring some white wine onto the stained area. The white wine helps to neutralize the red wine and makes it easier to blot up. Blot the area with a thick towel, but don’t rub it because that will force the wine into the fibers. If the stain still persists, add some soda or salt which will help to lift out the stain.

Vinegar will neutralize the red stain and the pigment of the wine, and you can combine it with soap or club soda, which helps to lift out the stain with its carbonation.

Try these tips if you ever spill your red wine, and you’ll be surprised with the result.

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