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Choose the best truck mounted steam cleaning equipment Orange County

Carpet Cleaning Orange County CAEvery single piece of our equipment is up to date, state of the art. We’ve done a lot of testing and studying to find out what each piece of equipment works best for each service. We spent nearly a year on testing truck mounts and finally decided on the king of the jungle the "PROCHEM APEX"

A beast of a machine that creates unrivaled heat (up to 260 degrees) vacuum so strong we can empty a bathroom tub in seconds and enough pressure to clean driveways off. This unit is really for de-flooding purposes and commercial use but we decided on it because we want our client to have the very fastest dry times.

Our truck mounted steam cleaning equipment is the preferred method by leading carpet mills and manufactures in the industry, Nation wide.

The high heat means much cleaner and sanitized cleanings, the extremely strong vacuum means much faster dry times, the pressure means much better rinsing of your floors. This machine really creates jaw dropping results!

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