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Red Wine Stains

Spilling red wine on the carpet is very stressful and it almost seems impossible to get out. Two things you need to stay away from doing is one don’t put bleach on it and two do not scrub it at all.  Scrubbing it will rub it in more and make matters worse.  Putting bleach on it will be ineffective because it will actually eat your carpet.  WineSpill-300x200

First you want to start blotting up as much as possible.  Use a paper towel or a white rag to do this.  Then you can put salt on it and this will bring up more of the stain.  Keep blotting…

Club Soda is another good thing to help bring anything up and out.  Put a little on and blot some more.  The key thing is blotting and you may not get out the entire stain to be honest.  Stains come out the best when you catch them immediately, however if you wait too long it can set in.  You can always call us for a carpet cleaning and point out the trouble spots and with that you will get out any left over stains in the home.  Good luck!  And call us for a free estimate when you’d like to get a cleaning.

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