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Does Scotchgard Really Protect Against Stains On Carpets?

If you have ever heard about Scotchgard, you should know that it is used on furniture and carpets worldwide. Although there was some controversy years ago about the formula being dangerous for people’s health, the formula has since been revamped and is used as much as it once was. Scotchgard is a chemical that is sprayed on top of carpet fibers, and over upholstery, acting as a barrier from spills such as water, soda, or any other type of liquid. It can resist stains that are the result of food that has been spilled, dirt that is tracked in, and even grease. Here are the reasons that you should always have Scotchgard on your carpet and upholstery, and how you can use a professional to make sure that it is properly applied.
Professional Carpet And Upholstery Cleaners

One thing that you will get in you use a professional upholstery or carpet cleaner is a company that will understand that Scotchgard can come off. If you clean your carpet too much, if you use the wrong chemicals, or if the machine that you are using is too strong, you could end up with the carpet that no longer have Scotchgard and it will have to be replaced. Professionals will know if it is still there, and will also be able to reapply it if necessary. However, you have to find the right company that can do proper cleanings to preserve Scotchgard, and also put it back on, or put it on if it has never been there, using their professional skills.

Finding The Right Carpet And Upholstery Cleaners

To find the best cleaners for this type of situation, you need to go further than your phonebook. People that are operating in your company, those that specialize in upholstery and carpet cleaning, will know exactly what to do. They will have the equipment and chemical solutions that will not be too harsh on your carpet fibers or any upholstery that you have. They can also reapply Scotchgard necessary, helping to preserve your carpet, protecting it from stains and spills that are going to happen.

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